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My school has a contract photographer for Senior portraits, do I have a choice?
Discount school picture companies pay a commission to the schools who hire them. That’s fine for the yearbook, but for the really important pictures you give to family and friends, the wallets you put in your invitations and, of course, your portfolio or album, seniors who want the best come to Lucketts, for quality, variety, and service.

What’s the session like?
In one word- FUN! Most seniors are a little bit nervous at first- that’s normal. Your session is laid back and relaxed, so in no time, you’ll feel completely at ease. We’ll play your favorite music during the shoot. Bring your mom or bff with you to help you choose your favorite images while you are here. We’ll look at your pictures as we go and at the end of your session you’ll have so many favorites you’ll need help to decide. We want you to have ONLY the pictures you love and none that you don’t!!!

Can I take pictures with my boyfriend/girlfriend, pet, car, etc…?
Bring whatever and whomever you want. You’ll have a huge dressing room with plenty of space. We’ll even provide you a list of suggestions for things you can bring. Remember, you’ll never be a senior again and we want your senior pictures to be all about you at this special time in your life!

Can I get black & white pictures?
Of course! The black & whites at Lucketts have a look you won’t find anywhere else. They have the perfect contrast that give your images a high fashion quality other studios don’t know how to create. You can get color, B/W, antique sepia, or any color tint you want FREE on any print you order!

How long until I see my proofs?
You’ll have hundreds of images taken during your session, and then with the help of your photographer, you’ll choose the very best ones to be professionally edited by our in-house graphic designer. Approximately 1 to 2 weeks following your session, you’ll be presented with your completely retouched images in your Premier Ordering session or password protected online gallery.

Do my Senior Portraits include retouching?
Your prints are made using the highest quality standards available. Custom editing is available and almost anything is possible. Just ask us about any special requests. The answer is probably yes!

How much will it cost?
At Lucketts we have something to fit almost everyone’s needs. The average investment runs about $800-$1700, although some people spend up to several thousand dollars. Payments can be staggered and we accept all major credit cards, cash, or checks.

What if I don’t like them?
We are definitely not your yearbook photographer. You will love every one of your images from Lucketts, 100% guaranteed! You can never be disappointed with your photographs at Lucketts because you see every picture we take while you are here and you choose only the ones you love. Only the shots with your best angles, best expressions, and best poses will ever be made into proofs. At Luckett Portrait Studio we give you a complete variety of images to choose from so you’ll have every style you want.

I’m sold! How do I book a session?
Simply give us a call or shoot us an email. It is NEVER too early to schedule your senior portrait session.In fact, the best deals can be found beginning in May and the summer before your senior year. We’ll ask you to reserve your time by prepaying your session with a debit or credit card. This appointment is held especially for you. We understand that things do happen, so if you need to reschedule for any reason we can reschedule to another date and time at no extra cost to you. Once we’ve scheduled you session, we’ll send you a confirmation email with all the details including a 76 page fashion guide to help you get ready for the most important session of your life!

Some Helpful Tips

1. Blemishes , bumps, and shadows- don’t worry we retouch them away!

2. Hair – Come with clean dry hair and no makeup. Your professional makeup artist will take care of the rest.

3. Outfits- bring a variety of colors and styles for all seasons, don’t forget fun shoes and accesorries.

4. Layers- feel free to add jackets, coats, and sweaters. We do strongly suggest covering your arms in one or more outfits.

5. Facial hair- please remove any unwanted  facial hair right before your session.

6. Tanning and nails- have your nails looking nice. Avoid being overly tan for your skin type and please avoid uneven spray tans and tan lines.

7. This is all about who YOU ARE- so let’s have fun!!!


We love accessories! Bring all those cute scarves, shoes, jewelry, hats and jackets with you. The more the better, our photographer will help you decide what will photograph the best. Try to bring a mix of tops and bottoms. We love bright and colorful tops, although simpler the better, not crazy prints or plaids that will date your portraits. We want to keep the focus on you! Bring anything you love and that will express your style whether it’s your shopping bags, point shoes, guitar or car, we want to see it! 


This is the time for you to show us who you really are. Bring all of the things that represent your interests, whether it’s sports, music, cars, pets, we know how to photograph it all. Guys should bring a variety of tops, polos, button ups, jackets, hoodies and bottoms, jeans, khakis and shorts. Bring clothing with different colors, whatever helps you express yourelf. It’s ok to bring your everyday clothes for those casual looks. But don’t be afraid to go out and get yourself a nice button up. Shoes will show in some of your pictures so don’t forget about your feet!