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I can hardly believe this gorgeous little girl is getting so big!  I have had the amazing opportunity to photograph this cutie since she was just brand new and it has been such a joyful journey watching her grow.  Eloise is as smart as she is cute and I knew it from the moment I met her.  Even as a newborn she had the biggest, most beautiful eyes, that were always watching and learning.  Luckily we got her to go to sleep for a few shots so we could put this adorable owl hat on her.  😉




And of course before we knew it she was sitting up and that thick, brown, new born hair was getting lighter.  This is one of my favorites from that session.  I just love her little expression and how it shows so much of her sassy little attitude, even at that age.






But this last session was definitely my favorite.  Now Eloise is walking, talking and being her adorable little self all over the studio.  She’s of course as head strong and determined as ever, but for every shot we struggled to get she rewarded us with that perfect grin that is absolutely infectious, I’m telling you, this kid can light up a room!  I’m so excited to share these beautiful, beautiful portraits with you and can’t wait to see what Eloise decides to take on next, maybe President.

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