Grace, Senior Pictures, Mandeville High

  • Grace Johnson
  • Mandeville High School
  • Art or reading
  • To commemorate aspects of yourself and hobbies that you enjoy now that may change in the future
  • I liked the way the photos turned out for my sister and that my hair and makeup was done for me
  • Bring more than you are told to. You never know if I’m the last minute you may get a cute outfit idea that you want to try
  • Casual and flirty
  • The yellow dress because it’s different than what I normally wear and it’s really comfortable
  • Jason Momoa
  • Regretting the chances I didn’t take
  • Lasagna
  • Blue Spero, TJ Max, Francesca’s
  • Dance Without You by Skylar Grey
  • Brother Bear
  • Joking around with my friends at football games
  • Australia
  • Intelligent
  • To be an ambassador in a foreign nation
  • A blast
  • Don’t procrastinate


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