Sophie Sternfels, Senior Pictures, Ascension Catholic

  • Sophie Sternfels
  • Ascension Catholic High School
  • Volleyball
  • I think it is important to take senior pictures because it captures a very important time of your life. Senior pictures are a good way to look back on your last moments in high school.
  • I choose Luckett’s to take my pictures because I always found myself in awe after seeing all of my past classmates’ and other friends’ portraits.
  • My top tip for preparing for your session is to wear timeless pieces. Look for outfits that fit who you are, don’t worry about trends, just do you and have fun with your pieces!
  • timeless and classy
  • My favorite outfit would have to be my black lace top and my white jeans. I loved that outfit because I felt very confident and lady-like.
  • Tom Ellis
  • Tight spaces
  • Rice and Gravy
  • Boutiques
  • Juice by Lizzo
  • The Greatest Showman
  • Dancing in the Super Dome for the football state championship.
  • Europe
  • Outgoing
  • To be a Neonatal Doctor/Surgeon
  • Remarkable
  • Be you, don’t worry what anyone has to say. Find your best friends and keep them close, and always have a good time.

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