Reagan, Senior Pictures, Parkview Baptist

  • Reagan Vidrine
  • Parkview Baptist
  • Soccer and Cheerleading
  • I think it is important to take senior pictures to capture memories of one of the greatest times of our lives! It is such an exciting time and you have so much to look forward to your senior year and after!
  • My Mom told me Luckett’s had been around forever and had an excellent reputation! I Knew I wanted to take pictures with them since I started High School! They did an amazing job and made it a lot of fun for me! The experience of taking my Senior Pictures is something I will never forget! I love all of my pictures! They truly captured who I am and my personality!
  • My advice would be to be yourself and bring outfits and props that show the different sides of your personality! Most importantly smile and have fun at your session because it is all about making memories to last a lifetime!
  • I would describe my style as classy and fun, but bright! I love dressing up in a variety of looks!
  • My yellow two piece set was my favorite! I felt like it captured my personality and reminded me of sunshine! It is such a happy color and just makes you feel good!
  • Liam Hemsworth
  • Snakes or losing someone I love
  • Sushi for sure
  • Shop These Three, Frock Candy, I Just Have to Have it, and Virgo Boutique!
  • Love Like Crazy
  • Monte Carlo
  • Playing sports and spending time with my friends laughing and making memories!
  • Greece
  • Hardworking
  • My dream is to be a Pediatrician.
  • Fabulous!!!
  • Be yourself and don’t take things too seriously!! These are some of the best years of your life make the most of it! Get out of your shell and try new things! Get to know new people!

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